Is It Friday Yet?

How often have you said those words? If you’re at all like me, this inquiry (or something close to it) comes to mind almost immediately after the alarm-snooze-alarm-snooze-alarm-groan routine that ushers in every Monday through Thursday.

Who am I kidding? It’s the same on Friday, too, but Friday is different.  Friday is special. Friday comes with the promise of the weekend–a promise that has me wishing away five days of my every week in longing for the other two.

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In my recent life-ponderings, I am more and more convinced that this routine of mine (and I dare say many others’) is climbing to significance on the chart of Great American Tragedies. How many missed moments pass us by as everybody’s working for the weekend? (Sing it with me now…) Why are we so determined to wish away time when life is already so short? Is the week really that terrible? Do we dislike work that much?

I’m not going to delve too far into the possible answers to these questions here. Instead, I’m going to provide one answer. My answer. I long for Friday because, with it, I associate true joy. It doesn’t matter what (if anything) I have planned for the weekend; the break from routine and the time with my loved ones are always sources of radiant happiness.

So here is the question I do want to answer: how do I grow to realize this cheerful disposition every day? Not just the days for which my routine has led me to expect it?

PAUSE BUTTON: I interrupt the understandable oh-no-she’s-gonna-be-sappy eye roll with this confession. Yes, those of you who know me well can attest that I can be a cheese ball sometimes. And while I do think there is a time to be corny, that’s not the kind of joy I want to explore with this blog–or in my every day, ordinary life. I want my “ordinary” to be cheerful, with moments of quiet joy. Complicated joy. Small and yet so, so big joy. Authentic joy. The kind that does not require me to suspend all that I know as reality to feel–not the “fake happy” kind.

I find life to be hard lately. Political turmoil, natural disasters, mass shootings, suffering loved ones, questions of faith, professional insecurities, health obstacles…and I lead a very privileged life! From discussions with you, friends and acquaintances out there in this messy world, I’ve realized my struggle is not rare. It is, in all actuality, the norm. Authentic joy seems to be more of extraordinary stuff rather than ordinary. Consequently, I’ve decided to launch a quest to reverse that. Not that I’m trying to lessen the impact of extraordinary joy; instead, I’m trying to increase the meter that recognizes it when it happens!

If you would care to join me, I’d be incredibly honored. Read with me, week by week, as I dig into ordinary (sometimes yucky) life to find the quiet moments of euphoria, hiding in our every day. Yes, even Monday. Have a success story of doing this yourself? Call me or reach out to me through our Contact page. I’d love to pick your brain.

Even if our journey appears on the outside to be a bit quixotic, watch out world. Because I’ve decided that joy is something to aspire to.


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