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Hey there, blogosphere! I’m Jen.

Aspiring Joy is the result of one of my long-time-brewing introspection stews. Some thoughts simmer long enough that you can’t ignore them anymore. (Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, right?!) I’ve been so hungry for authentic happiness, but I find it harder and harder to muster these days. All you have to do is turn on the news, and something wicked this way comes. Talking with many of you, it seems I’m not the only one left hungry for happy. So, with thanks to the quiet and consistent encouragements from family, friends, coworkers and my beloved husband most of all, I’m serving up my feast of introspection to share.

What better place to share such mealy thoughts than–the Internet? Can’t say that I’m super experienced with blogs, but for a large portion of my life, I have studied and respected the power of the pen. With this blog, I’m reaching for it again. My hope, however, is not to over stuff you with “the philosophy of Jen.” I’d love to share your own joy quests, too.

Please join me. There’s enough negativity out there to start a joy famine that could suck us all dry if we let it. May we, instead, collaboratively serve up some authentic happiness and dine together in jocund company!